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No limits: ELVeS radial laser therapy is suitable for almost any varicose vein

Specialist Dr. Thomas K. Weiler has been working at the Pforzheim Vein Center since 2005. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of phlebology and vascular surgery and offers his patients a wide range of treatment methods for varicose veins, predominantly modern minimally invasive ones.

1. Dr. Weiler, what treatment options are available to me as a varicose vein patient at the Vein Center Pforzheim?

First of all, as vascular surgeons, we have special experience with the conventional stripping method due to our training. In this method, the affected section of vein is surgically extracted and thus immediately removed, and the connections to the deep vein system are cut off. In addition, we dealt very early and intensively with the various minimally invasive therapy methods. We have many years of experience in this field, particularly with radiofrequency catheters and especially with laser technology. With our own very good results and the many advantages of this gentler method, we offer this treatment to all patients. Unfortunately, not all health insurance companies still reimburse the treatment costs at our center.

2. which treatment method do you use most often and which is best accepted by your patients?

Based on my own experience and knowledge, I am very convinced of endovenous therapy, especially of the radial laser. The thin radial fibers (laser fibers that radiate in a ring shape) can be used very flexibly and offer almost unlimited possibilities in terms of technical application. The results achieved speak for themselves and, in my opinion, can no longer be compared with the results of the stripping method. For these reasons, I almost always recommend the effective radio laser procedure to my patients. From the patients' point of view, the demand for the incision-free modern methods has continuously increased in recent years. Many inform themselves in advance about the various therapy options.

3. is ELVeS radial laser therapy suitable for every type of varicose vein and for every patient?

I would say unequivocally: Yes. Especially more pronounced findings are ideally suited for the minimally invasive radial laser method. In addition, from my point of view, the radio laser is the only catheter-based method that can be used for very large vein diameters. Tortuous veins, superficial veins, side branches, perforating veins and recurrent veins, all these veins can be ideally treated with thin fibers. Patients with very large varicose veins benefit enormously from the gentle laser method. Especially when treating very pronounced findings, patients usually have no pain after the procedure.

4. You offer laser therapy with two different lasers. When do you use which one?

We had the opportunity to compare both wavelengths and currently work almost exclusively with the 1940 nanometer wavelength. When using the 1940 nm laser wavelength, we observe even less postoperative discomfort and less frequent pigmentation in our patients when treating very superficial veins. And this with identical occlusion rates or treatment success.

5. How long does laser treatment take and when can I return to my normal activities or sports?

A one-sided treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the findings. Complicated and more extensive findings, including recurrent procedures, naturally take longer than simple cases. Patients can return to normal work or their usual daily activities the day after. Running-intensive activities should be paused for 1 week if necessary. Intensive endurance sports with the legs considerably increase the arterial and thus also the venous blood circulation. Here we recommend, if possible, a break of 2 to 3 weeks.