biolitec® in the venous therapy

Minimally invasive laser therapy of venous insufficiency

ELVeS® Radial®

Varicose veins - a minimally invasive approach

Do the vein check Our vein check can give you a first indication
if you are suffering from a venous disease.

Varicose veins, also called varices, are diseased veins and more than just a cosmetic problem.

If left untreated, skin changes, discoloration and inflammation can occur. In the worst case, varicose veins lead to painful skin ulcers.

The ELVeS® Radial® laser procedure is a method for the minimally invasive treatment of different types of varix. Minimally invasive means a gentle, outpatient intervention under local anesthesia with little pain. The following pages provide you with the relevant information on varicose veins and the state-of-the-art laser therapy.