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Do the Vein Check!

Vein diseases can often be recognized with the bare eye and make themselves felt through visible spider veins, discoloration of the skin or swollen, heavy legs. If there is any suspicion of a chronic vein disease it is helpful to scrutinize the “usual suspects”.

This questionnaire is a service of biolitec and was developed with the cooperation of Professor Dr. Eberhard Rabe, former president of the World Congress of Phlebology (UIP) and Head Physician at the Dermatological Clinic of the University Clinic Bonn.

Notice: This test merely provides you with indications of whether you could have a venous disease. The test does not replace any medical examination.

The following questionnaire can assist you to determine the first signs of a venous disease:

Are there visible changes in your legs?

Do you have leg discomfort which increases particularly in the course of the day, when standing or sitting for long periods or in heat?

Image source: Reich-Schupke S. Chronic venous insufficiency. In: Rabe E, Stücker M (Ed.). Phlebologischer Bildatlas. Viavital Verlag, Cologne 2015.

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