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Minimally invasive laser therapy of venous insufficiency

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Varicose veins? Make an appointment now despite Corona! Outpatient laser therapy low-infection and safe

Termin Fotolia 131653861 SThe corona pandemic is not yet over and will keep the world in suspense for at least a few more months. Nevertheless, postponed surgery appointments and preventive examinations should be made now! After weeks of acute care, standard care has now resumed and general practitioners and specialists have free appointments. Patients therefore no longer need to hesitate if they want to take advantage of postponed or upcoming surgery appointments. Since only certain hospitals now have to provide quarantine and intensive care beds for corona patients, capacities for surgery are now available again for standard care.

The advantages of the minimally invasive laser method ELVeS Radial for varicose veins become particularly apparent in the corona period: the vast majority of minimally invasive laser operations can be performed on an outpatient basis and with local anesthesia. This eliminates the need for an in-patient hospital stay and thus minimizes the risk of contracting infectious diseases of other patients or multi-resistant bacteria in the hospital.

In addition, due to the special mode of action of the laser's light energy, interventions with medical devices are inherently very low in infection: the treated tissues and organs are sealed by the laser light. This significantly reduces the risk of inflammation, bruising and swelling. The healing process is considerably shortened.

A third important point is that the particularly gentle outpatient laser methods also give older and risk patients the chance to be treated. Since these patients usually take blood-thinning or other vital medication, they must refrain from surgery if a general anesthetic is required or discontinue the medication beforehand. With the laser method ELVeS Radial, the medications can be taken as usual.