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Minimally invasive laser therapy of venous insufficiency

ELVeS® Radial®

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Dr. Kluge & Dr. Ott treat varicose veins painlessly with ELVeS® Radial® laser therapy

Varicose veins and venous disorders are a widespread disease that is often underestimated and not treated in time.

The joint practice of Dr. Kluge/ Dr. Ott in Rehau makes it possible for patients with varicose veins to receive low pain and outpatient treatment. Thanks to gentle laser therapy, there is no need for in-patient follow-up care lasting several days, which is still often the case with other procedures. Many patients who have avoided an actually necessary operation so far can look forward to an operation without hesitation thanks to the ELVeS® Radial® laser therapy.

Causes for the development of varicose veins are, for example, inherited weaknesses of the connective tissue, little physical exercise, overweight or permanent standing or sitting jobs. Veins in the leg can develop into varicose veins due to the increased backlog of blood. What initially appears to be a cosmetic problem slowly but surely turns into a varicose vein disease.

In the practice of Dr. Kluge and Dr. Ott, the gentle ELVeS® Radial® laser therapy has been used for several years to treat varicose veins.

Dr. Ott's patients decided in favor of medical laser therapy for the following reasons, among others: No large incisions have to be made, scarring is avoided as far as possible and no anesthesia is required.

The attending physician carefully introduces the ELVeS® Radial® 2-ring probe into the varicose vein via a small puncture site. The diseased vein closes when withdrawn as a result of the laser light, which is emitted in a targeted radial, i.e. all-round manner. The varicose vein becomes sclerosed and is broken down by the organism in the next few weeks.

Both during the procedure (under local anaesthesia) and afterwards, patients experience little or no discomfort. The treatment allows a quick return to everyday activities. "Laser therapy offers a painless and gentle alternative, especially for high-risk patients who cannot afford bruising due to blood-thinning agents," says Dr. Ott.

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