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Healthy and beautiful legs thanks to laser treatment

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Prof. (Univ. Chisinau) Dr. Dr. Stefan Hillejan offers the modern ELVeS®-Radial® laser therapy for the treatment of varicose veins in the practice clinic for venous and rectal diseases in Hanover. In less than an hour, those affected can be relieved of their unaesthetic suffering under light anaesthesia. We asked Prof. Dr. Dr. Hillejan about the lasertherapy:


Prof. Hillejan, what is the most c ommon cause of varicose veins?

One of the most common causes is a dysfunction of the so-called venous valves. With their valve function they support the blood circulation. If the venous valves no longer close properly with increasing age, blood congestion causes varicose veins to form which clearly appear on the surface of the skin. The affected persons register a permanent feeling of tension and heaviness, which is often only alleviated when lying down. When walking, sitting or standing, the complaints usually increase again.


When should varicose veins be operated on?

This depends on the stage of the venous disease. As a general rule, the greater the patient's discomfort, the greater the desire for rapid treatment. I discuss the question of "how" with the patient in advance. There are various therapy options to choose from. An unbelievable amount has happened in recent years.


You mean the use of laser light?

That's right. Traditional stripping, i.e. the removal of diseased veins, is an outdated therapy method, as it is very rich in side effects and often leads to weeks of convalescence, i.e. recovery time with often severe wound pain.

Understandably, however, most patients want to recover quickly after the operation and return to everyday life. For this reason, we work in our practice clinic with the best that laser medicine can currently achieve: the minimally invasive laser therapy ELVeS® Radial® from biolitec®.


What do you particularly appreciate about the biolitec® laser?

Among other things, the high precision and the simple implementation. The laser energy is applied - after a light anaesthesia - by means of a fine fiber into the vein. I insert the radially radiating probe of the diode laser into the interior of the diseased vein and initiate a shrinking process of the collagen contained in the vein wall through uniform heat generation. Thus the vessel closes evenly step by step. Neighbouring tissue is not affected.


What happens to the treated vein?

Following laser treatment, the body completely breaks down the occluded vein and blood flows through adjacent healthy vessels. Compression stockings can also support the healing process for a short time.

In any case, laser treatment is more than just damage limitation; it offers the chance of painless mobility and beautiful legs.


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