biolitec® in the venous therapy

Minimally invasive laser therapy of venous insufficiency

ELVeS® Radial®

Gold standard laser therapy

Berlin vein specialist Dr Heiko Czerlinsky considers insufficiency of the saphenous veins as not just a cosmetic problem: "Varicose veins should be treated, otherwise damage of the deep vein system and the formation of further varices can be expected in the long term." And treatment doesn't always mean an operation.

If, however, removal of the varices is indicated, the experienced surgeon Dr Czerlinsky has a wide range of procedures at his disposal, depending on the indication and individual findings.

Dr Czerlinsky is currently achieving very good results with minimally invasive laser treatment. "In many countries, for example the USA, endovenous laser therapy has already become the 'gold standard' in the treatment of saphenous vein insufficiency."

"Application of heat by means of laser energy in the vein interior causes the blood vessel to close and therefore the congestion and the varices are rectified. Surgical incisions are not necessary and pain or undesirable side effects are rare. A compression stocking must be worn for just a few weeks, while sport is possible again after 7 days."

Awarded the "Vein Centre of Excellence" seal of quality from the German Phlebology Society and Phlebologists' Association, Dr Czerlinsky's practice represents a high level of structural and supply quality and procedural safety. 

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